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Air source heat pumps for Southeast Alaskans.

Clay Good, Regional Energy Catalyst for the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, STEM Educator for the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, and Renewable Juneau board member offers us this wonderful update, in the 3.23.22 Juneau Empire, on the rapidly growing rural hydropower sector of southeast Alaska and how it will benefit the lives of those who use it.

While the largest population centers in the region enjoy the benefits of hydroelectricity, the smallest communities and villages continue to struggle with high energy costs as they work to free themselves from the grip of expensive and volatile diesel energy. That’s why more small Southeast communities are stepping up to the challenge, finding new ways to bring renewable options to town. And as hydropower increases regionally, additional renewable electrical energy creates opportunities for homeowners and communities to enjoy the many benefits clean energy provides.

Clay not only covers hydropower trends across rural southeast Alaska, but details how this clean, fish-friendly, local energy can save homeowners money, improve the quality of the air that they breathe, and keep dollars flowing in local economies. He goes on to offer solutions and sources of additional information, from non profit heat pump advisory services like our, to carbon offset solutions, as well as heat pump incentive programs.

Where can I get helpful information, incentives, or assistance? It’s not always easy for cash strapped homeowners to come up with several thousand dollars so they can get started saving energy and money. Additionally, because ASHP’s are an emerging market in Alaska, not every community will have sale and installation businesses readily available. Plus, it can be complicated to have an ASHP installed due to the need to coordinate various electricians, contractors and ASHP installers. Fortunately, there are excellent programs in Southeast designed to assist homeowners who are considering making the switch to an ASHP with technical and financial assistance.

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