Obtain an Energy Audit

Every day, many of us pay more for energy than is necessary. Poor insulation, unsealed crawl spaces, drafty doors, insufficient vapor barriers, inefficient lights, aging appliances, and fossil fuel burning or electric resistance heating equipment vie for our hard-earned money, cash that we could save by investing in energy efficiency. In order to learn more about your home, its energy use profile, and the very likely options available to you to save money and reduce carbon emissions over the long term, a professional energy audit is your best bet.

Unfortunately, Juneau is down to one auditor. Alaska Heat Smart is working to train and support a new Juneau auditor, a process that ideally will be completed by early winter. We are also coming together around the idea of creating a ‘lite’ version of an audit, a scaled-down process that will strive to analyze a home and look for the most concerning heat loss areas and offer ways in which to correct them. We’ll be updating this page as these processes come closer to becoming reality.

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