Healthy Homes

Heathy Homes is Alaska Heat Smart’s newest program, facilitating the remediation of up to 90 lower income Juneau family homes between early 2023 and December 2025, or when funding runs out. If you and your family qualify for our Healthy Homes program, you may be able to save money, keep your home warmer and drier, and eliminate a variety of household hazards that may be effecting both your family’s health and your wallet’s.

There is NO COST to any applicant at any point in this program.

Funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, our Healthy Homes program will tackle health, safety, and comfort issues in the homes of successful income-qualified applicants. The program will prioritize homes with residents over the age of 62 years and children under the age of seven years, and will consider the extent of hazards or issues present in the home. The Healthy Homes program nationwide focuses on 29 different home hazards.

Our Healthy Homes program can address the following:

  • Reduce dependence and exposure to fossil fuels, carbon monoxide, and reduce the risk of fuel spills and contamination
  • Improve and upgrade home heating and lower home heating costs
  • Improve home heat retention through air sealing, crawlspace and attic insulation, and proper ventilation
  • Address issues of excessive moisture, mold, and mildew
  • Address accessibility improvements
  • Ensure that basic health hazards and safety concerns are eliminated
  • Electrical panel and service upgrades

In the majority of cases, our Healthy Homes program will not be able to address:

  • Roof issues
  • Foundation issues
  • Window replacements
  • Kitchen appliance upgrades
  • Exterior paint and finish issues

Eligibility Requirements:

The following are required in order to be a successful applicant to the our Healthy Homes program:

  • You must own your home or rent from a landlord amenable to a tenant/landlord agreement.
  • Renters must receive permission from their landlord to allow modifications to be completed.
  • Your residence must be in Juneau, Alaska.
  • Combined household income cannot exceed 80% of Juneau’s median area income (see table)
  • You must provide all required applicable application documentation and required information (see ‘required supporting information’ below)
Family Size 1 234 5 6
Income$66,300$75,750$85,200$94,650$102,250 $109,800

Qualification is not a determination of work to be performed on the home. An analysis of each qualified applicant home will be performed on a site by site basis and will be the determining event that will outline priority improvements. 

Participation Requirements

  1. Meet all eligibility requirements.
  2. Submit to a pre-survey of your home.
    A pre-survey will be necessary to assess needed remediations that may be needed. This survey must be conducted in your home with at least one adult representative present. The survey will be conducted to assess the presence of hazards in and around the home. Potential hazards of consideration are outlined above. This survey will help to inform a work plan for your home and help Alaska Heat Smart work with the homeowner on how to proceed.
  3. Submit homeowner’s authorization.
    Before remediation work can begin, applicants will be required to submit an informed consent agreement, signed by the owner of the home/property. The agreement will cover the following:
    a. Safety policies to be followed during remediation activities.
    b. The specific remediation activities that will occur in the home along with an
    estimate for the time for remediation.
    c. Any pre-remediation work that must be completed by home occupants.
    d. The need to learn and follow the operation and maintenance requirements of
    any retrofits.
    e. Appointment of homeowner representative(s) to aid in coordinating site-visits,
    remediations, and other required activities.
    f. Where residents will be staying if they cannot be in the home during
  4. Homeowners/renters will have to let professionals into their home at pre-determined times.
  5. Submit to a post-survey visit to verify that the improvements were done.

Required Supporting Information:

Homeowner(s) must supply, via our secure file portal system, the following:

  • Application form, fully completed, signed by the homeowner or applicant
  • Current mortgage statement (if applicable)
  • Copy of property deed or title

All household members must supply:

  • Driver’s license or state identification card for 18 and over
  • Birth certificate or legal ID for 17 and under
  • One (1) most recent checking/saving bank statements, ALL pages, for each account
  • One (1) month of most recent paycheck stubs for all jobs held in the previous year (all wage earners)
  • Two (2) years of most recent federal tax returns if self employed
  • Statements from PERS, TRS, deferred compensation, 401k accounts, or other retirement holdings
  • Current social security/disability award letter (if applicable)
  • Current pension/annuity letter (if applicable)
  • Proof of school registration, for children attending college who reside in the home when not at school (if applicable)
  • Court-ordered child support statement (if applicable)
  • Unemployment income (if applicable)
  • Signing of unemployment affidavit explaining the nature of the unemployment (if applicable)
  • Income verification may be needed again after 6-12 months depending on the duration of the remediation work

In addition, you must supply:

  • A minimum of two years of oil delivery statements or bills if you heat with diesel fuel or propane
  • An accurate accounting of wood burned on an annual basis for a minimum of two years (if applicable)
  • Permission for AK Heat Smart to obtain your electrical meter data from local utility Alaska Electric Light & Power
  • A sketch of the floor plan of the home, noting wall lengths, location of heat sources, location of electrical panel

Alaska Heat Smart takes your privacy seriously. We ask that you read our privacy and document security policy carefully.

The Healthy Homes application will only be available online. If you are unable to use this system, you are more than welcome to work with a friend that has internet access, or, you can call us at 907-500-5050 and we will work with you over the phone to complete your application.

If you need to send any of your required documentation to us via mail, please send to the following address:

Alaska Heat SmartHH
P.O. Box 20912
Juneau, Alaska 99802