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Making a decision on your home’s heating system is difficult. Use these resources to make the decision just a little easier.

Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to get a first glance at whether a heat pump would work well for you home. It takes just a few minutes, and once you get your results, you can send them our way and we can talk about what options would be best for you.

Find an Installer

There are many installers available in Juneau who can help you install a safe, effective heat pump system for the right price. Find the contact information for these warrantied HVAC installers here.

Find an Electrician

You will often need a separate electrician to complete your heat pump installation. Use this list to find out the options available in Juneau.


Policy papers, municipal plans, academic whitepapers, useful articles and other helpful resources are stored in this library. Curious heat pump enthusiasts should have more than enough to entertain themselves here.