Staff and Board


Andy Romanoff, Executive Director

Since receiving a B.S. in Environmental Toxicology and from New York’s Clarkson University, Andy has worn a variety of hats: community organizer for SEACC; wilderness guide for Alaska Discovery; owner, captain and guide of Wilderness Swift Charters; and graphic designer for Alaska Litho and his own business, Island Design.

Andy sits on the board of Renewable Juneau and is the project director for the non-profit’s Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. Andy is honored to be able to bring his passion and energy to Alaska Heat Smart and is confident that we can save the world, one heat pump at a time. Ask Andy about his dream vision for Juneau and he is likely to describe, “Alaska’s capital city graced with only electric vehicles, home and businesses heated primarily with heat pumps – a community striving together to create a world-class, sustainable, low-carbon city.”

Carl Brodersen, Energy Advisor

Carl appreciates what an affordably warm house means to individuals, and what a lower-carbon future means to the whole community. He also appreciates the value of making decisions based on numbers. AHS is a great program to work for!

Bob Deering, Energy Advisor

Bob is an environmental and mechanical engineer who recently completed a 32-year civil service career with the Federal Government. He worked on hydropower, renewable energy, and energy efficiency projects across the country during assignments to the Army Corps of Engineers, United States Coast Guard, and the U.S. Forest Service. He was educated at the Universities of Wisconsin and Washington. He is currently working with Alaska Heat Smart, a Juneau, Alaska nonprofit promoting the conversion of residential heating to heat pumps.


Steve Behnke, President

Steve is a founding board member of Alaska Heat Smart and Renewable Juneau, and is a member of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability. He is a lifelong Alaskan, grew up on a homestead in the Mat-Su Valley, attended UAF, and retired from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He has long-term interests in the impacts of energy costs in rural Alaska, in home energy efficiency, and in helping people reduce their carbon footprint. He’s glad to have had a ground-source heat pump installed a decade ago for his Thane home.

Alec Mesdag, Vice President

Over the years, Alec has taken a lot of calls at AEL&P from people interested in getting a heat pump, and one of the big obstacles that people run into is the fact that heating systems are way more complex than it seems like they ought to be. Whether a homeowner installs a heat pump or not often boils down to whether or not they feel like they are making a good decision. Alaska Heat Smart provides the assistance necessary for a homeowner to feel confident they are getting a good, well-planned heat pump installation that will provide financial and environmental benefits.

Gretchen Keiser, Treasurer

Besides the outdoors (and rock ‘n roll), Gretchen has had a longstanding passion and commitment to energy efficiency, especially since taking an UAS construction course and building an Alaska Craftsman Home in the 1980s. Gretchen is motivated to help other homeowners through AHS now that she enjoys the benefits of heat pumps added to an older Juneau home she moved to — heating cost savings, healthier indoor air and circulation, and smaller carbon footprint.

Lorraine DeAsis, Member

Lorraine is a Director of Construction Management for Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority (THRHA). THRHA’s construction team is recognized for their expertise in energy efficiency and Healthy Homes. The construction department builds new homes, apartment buildings and remodels homes throughout 12 remote Alaskan island communities, using multiple grant and private funding sources.

Sally Saddler, Member

Sally Saddler is a retired economist/policy analyst who spent 35 years in the world of community & economic development, education and workforce development in Alaska. She is excited to be a part of Alaska Heat Smart team, and support the development of an environmentally sound community and the creation of green jobs. She serves on the board of Renewable Juneau, served two terms on the Juneau Board of Education and holds a BA in Economics from the George Washington University.

Paul Voelckers, Member

Paul is excited to work with Heat Smart because heat pumps and their adoption can capitalize on Juneau’s advantages of mild climate and hydro power to really offer economic benefits to households across our community. It is also compelling that heat pumps will substantially reduce Juneau’s carbon footprint, while helping our households.

Margo Waring, Member

Margo sits on the board of both Renewable Juneau and Alaska Heat Smart. Margo is a retired state government policy analyst and planner and former member of the Juneau School Board. She has worked actively on issues of climate, sustainability and renewable energy for more than a decade.

Alan Wilson, Member

Alan has always been an early adopter of energy efficiency building methods and equipment. Air source heat pumps have proven to lower energy bills and improve quality of life within the home. As a contractor, one of the most common complaints he hears is that no one called them back or the process was not clear and too confusing. Not to mention that bids were often too far apart, leaving the homeowner feeling confused. This generally resulted in the owner not taking action on their home improvement project. AHS was formed to take then mystery out of air source heat pump installations, assist home owners through the process and bring uniformity to the bidding process benefiting homeowners and contractors alike.