Staff and Board


Andy Romanoff,
Executive Director

Since receiving a B.S. in Environmental Toxicology from New York’s Clarkson University, Andy has worn a variety of hats: community organizer; wilderness guide; tourism business owner and boat captain; graphic designer; and dad. Andy sits on the board of Renewable Juneau and is the project director for the non-profit’s Alaska Carbon Reduction Fund. Andy is honored to be able to bring his passion, energy, and love of heat pumps and energy efficiency to Alaska Heat Smart.

Ariana Roberts,
Program Coordinator / Data Jedi

AHS is saving the world, one heat pump at a time. It couldn’t be done without a partner in crime. While AHS consults, empowers, and brings home the heat, Ariana pulls the levers, steers us straight, never misses a beat. She’s bright, an Alaskan with a bio degree. She previously saved lives as an EMT.
Today, she nurtures her much-loved three
– Tristan, Lyra, and dear Amelie.
Our Heat Smart ‘Data Jedi’ works hard, she crushes her part. And she’s thankful to support her crew at Alaska Heat Smart!

Bob Deering,
Energy Assessor

Bob is an environmental and mechanical engineer with a 32-year career with the federal government. He worked on hydropower, renewable energy, and energy efficiency projects for the Army Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, and Forest Service. He was educated at the Universities of Wisconsin and Washington. Bob currently provides technical assistance to Alaska Heat Smart and helps the community better understand how heat pumps can integrate with existing home heating systems.

Mike Hekkers
Energy Assessor

With his M.S. in Geography (glaciology) from Portland State University, Mike had the rewarding position of teaching environmental science at UAS and monitoring the Mendenhall Glacier. His diverse background includes positions as naturalist guide, conservation specialist, and construction remodeler. He’s also been a financier of such remodels as a mortgage loan officer. For decades Mike has helped lead non-profit boards, and currently shares his love of skiing as a cross country skiing coach. Mike was an early adopter of a heat pump in 2008 and has been a proponent ever since. 

Maureen O’Hanlon
Energy Assessor

Maureen is Alaska Heat Smart’s Sitka home energy assessor and heads up our Sitka assessment and incentive programs. Maureen brings a plethora of talents to Alaska Heat Smart. A graduate of Yale, Maureen keeps many irons in the fire. From working on a diversity of construction and.home-building projects, to assisting with sea cucumber fisheries, to summer guiding as a boat captain, to sailing and surfing, and of course to aiding homeowners in their processes of home electrification, Maureen rarely finds herself bored and we feel lucky to have her as a member of our crew.

Sally Schlichting
Energy Assessor

Despite being well-known around town as a classical musician, Sally Schlichting earned her master’s in environmental science and policy from Johns Hopkins and has worked in the environmental field for some 27 years, including as a government regulator, a consultant cleaning up heating oil spills, in climate policy working on carbon forest projects, and doing a stint on the Sustainability Commission finding ways to reduce Juneau’s carbon footprint.  Sally is thrilled to be working at Alaska Heat Smart and helping our town switch to 80% renewables by 2045.

Board of Directors

Steve Behnke,

Steve is a founding board member of Alaska Heat Smart and Renewable Juneau, and is a member of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability. He is a lifelong Alaskan, grew up on a homestead in the Mat-Su Valley, attended UAF, and retired from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He has long-term interests in the impacts of energy costs in rural Alaska, in home energy efficiency, and in helping people reduce their carbon footprint. He’s glad to have had a ground-source heat pump installed a decade ago in his Thane home.

Paul Voelckers

Paul Voelckers,
Vice President

Paul is excited to work with Heat Smart because heat pumps and their adoption can capitalize on Juneau’s advantages of mild climate and hydro power to really offer economic benefits to households across our community. It is also compelling that heat pumps will substantially reduce Juneau’s carbon footprint, while helping our households.

Paul is the owner of MRV Architects and sits on the Juneau Planning Commission.

Lori Sowa,

Lori is currently the Director of Energy Services for Alaska Electric Light and Power Co, and has previously worked for CBJ’s Engineering and Public Works department and taught at the University of Alaska Southeast. She thrives at the intersection between her technical engineering background and her passion for working with and for the community. She is excited to join the AHS team, bringing energy efficiency (read cost AND energy savings) to homeowners and fostering conversations around energy.  

Sally Saddler,

Sally Saddler is a retired economist/policy analyst who spent 35 years in the world of community & economic development, education and workforce development. She is excited to be a part of Alaska Heat Smart team, and support the development of an environmentally sound community and the creation of green jobs. She serves on the board of Renewable Juneau, served two terms on the Juneau Board of Education, and holds a BA in Economics from the George Washington University.

Gretchen Keiser

Gretchen Keiser,

Besides the outdoors (and rock ‘n roll), Gretchen has had a longstanding passion and commitment to energy efficiency, especially since taking an UAS construction course and building an Alaska Craftsman Home in the 1980s. Gretchen is motivated to help other homeowners through AHS now that she enjoys the benefits of heat pumps added to an older Juneau home she moved to — heating cost savings, healthier indoor air and circulation, and smaller carbon footprint.

Margo Waring,

Margo sits on the board of both Renewable Juneau and Alaska Heat Smart. Margo is a retired state government policy analyst and planner and former member of the Juneau School Board. She has worked actively on issues of climate, sustainability and renewable energy for more than a decade.

Lorraine DeAsis

Lorraine DeAsis,

Lorraine is a Director of Construction Management for Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority (THRHA). THRHA’s construction team is recognized for their expertise in energy efficiency and Healthy Homes. The construction department builds new homes, apartment buildings and remodels homes throughout 12 remote Alaskan island communities, using multiple grant and private funding sources.

Alan Wilson,

Alan has always been an early adopter of energy efficiency building methods and equipment. As a contractor, one of the most common complaints he hears is that no one called them back or the process was not clear and was too confusing. This generally resulted in the owner not taking action on their home improvement project. AHS was formed to take the mystery out of air source heat pump installations, assist home owners through the process, and bring uniformity to the bidding process benefiting homeowners and contractors alike.

Robin Gilcrist,

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