Water Heating and Other Appliances

Heat Pumps transfer heat generally, so other building heating demands can be met with heat pumps. Heat pump water heaters and heat pump clothes dryers are two examples of how heat pumps can make other heating demands more efficient.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Energy Star estimates that a family of 4 could save $3,750 with a heat pump water heater over the lifetime of the unit. HPWHs efficiencies and potential cost savings depend greatly on where the unit is placed. Alaska Heat Smart continues to study these systems and their utilization in homes in Juneau, Alaska. Please check back regularly for updated guidance. However, importantly, HPWHs will cool down the surrounding space, so careful consideration should be given to freezing pipes in some circumstances.

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Heat Pump Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryer can use heat pumps to reduce energy by at least 30% compared to standard dryers, according to Energy Star. In addition, HPCDs do not require ventilation, and so are easy to install, and they are generally easier on clothes.

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