Thermalize Juneau

Thermalize Juneau is a broad reach energy efficiency project that combines Alaska Heat Smart’s home and business energy advising with actual installation assistance by offering free energy audits, a competitive selection process for heat pump installers and energy efficiency contractors, and discounts on heat pumps and energy efficiency retrofits. This program will reduce the cost of heating houses in Juneau by using renewable energy powered heat pumps and improving building energy efficiency. The project has provided 80 energy audits for Juneau homes and businesses, and is supporting the installation of roughly 60 ductless heat pumps, while coordinating as many as 20 comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits.

Thermalize ‘Non-Participant’ Community Survey Report Finalized

Thermalize Juneau has been made possible by the partnering of a diverse group of agencies and organizations. Working together, Alaska Heat Smart, the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) , Information Insights (II), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the Department of Energy (DOE), have not only brought the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency into dozens of Juneau homes, they are creating a framework that other communities can build from to organize similar campaigns outside of Juneau and Alaska.

This creation of this framework requires a great deal of research and information gathering by all parties involved, but the heavy lifting is being performed by CCHRC and II. Their recent efforts have culminated in a deep dive into the results of a month-long community survey of Juneau homeowners who did not participate in the Thermalize campaign. The survey and report present a treasure trove of valuable information, for our programming and planning as well as for any who may be interested in the interplay of Juneau demographics and use of our renewable energy and access to it. Download the survey here. If you have questions or comments about it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In short, this information-rich survey will guide us in targeting our marketing and community outreach in the event that we move ahead with a Thermalize Juneau 2.0. We need to wrap up 1.0 first, debrief with our contractors, and gauge public interest in a new round of discounted and streamlined heat pump installations and energy efficiency retrofits.

Heat Pump Installations and Energy Efficiency Weatherization Upgrades are Underway

Alaska’s first Thermalize campaign has seen an outpouring of interest! We have 164 applicants and at three months after the application closing period, a total of 90 homeowners are looking to install heat pumps. A dozen more are pursuing heating bill saving energy efficiency measures. Even before out contractors went to work, nine ambitious homeowners beat the crowd and used their Alaska Heat Smart heat pump assessments to install a heat pump early! With these numbers, it seems very likely that heat pump installs will see a $400 rebate and weatherization upgrades a 3% discount.

Contractors Selected!

Thermalize Juneau has signed agreements with three Juneau businesses to lead the charge with heat pump installations, electrical connectivity for these heat pumps, and the fulfillment of energy efficiency retrofits. Panhandle Heat Pumps, ALCAN Electrical, and Building Pros, Inc. will all be realize a healthy uptick in their business over the next 6 months as the 156 Thermalize applicants move ahead with commitments and decided upon installations and upgrades. Our outreach team is currently making calls to applicants and it is our hope that installations and upgrades will commence by July 15.