Home Heat Pump Assessment

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Our no-cost, residential ‘Home Heat Pump Assessments‘ will help you make confident, informed, and educated decisions about your home heating options.

NOTE: Alaska Heat Smart charges a time-based fee for assessments of commercial spaces. Call 907-500-5050 with questions.

Through this process, Alaska Heat Smart will:

  • Generate, provide, and explain a detailed report on the amount of heating energy that your home needs.
  • Help you determine if your home has any existing issues that should be dealt with prior to adding a heat pump. These could include electrical panel needs, electrical service needs, or varied energy efficiency concerns.
  • Help your efforts to obtain bids from local contractors by providing detailed options about what heat pump systems will work best in your home with your existing heating infrastructure.
  • Help identify potential home energy improvements, including options for domestic hot water production, heating of lesser used spaces, and heat pump heating of your home’s primary living spaces.
  • Help you identify available potential financing options, from incentives, to traditional loans, to tax credits.
  • Provide analysis of received contractor quotes and a post heat pump install follow up analysis.

If you would like to have an Alaska Heat Smart energy advisor provide you with a home energy and heat pump assessment report, please complete our application form via the link at the base of this page.

Please note that your past energy usage data is important to accurately analyze your home’s heating needs and its potential for cost savings. With your permission, Alaska Heat Smart can obtain your home’s past electricity use data, either from AEL&P for Juneau homeowners, or from the Sitka utility department. If you are in Sitka, please complete and sign this authorization form, and return it to info@akheatsmart, along with the information described below.

For all other forms of energy (oil, wood, pellets, propane, etc.), we will need you to collect three years (if possible) of your home’s fuel usage (how many units of fuel, fuel type, dates) before we can run any calculations. If this information is not available for some reason, we can still perform an assessment for you, but our conclusions will be less accurate and a bit more general. Click here for information on contacting your heating oil supplier.

As soon as you complete your application, please collect and email us your energy info. Once that is on hand, we will set up your calculator and schedule your assessment. Again, if you are in Sitka, and not applying for our CHIP program, we hope to begin assessments in May!

Additionally, we will want to know how our program performed for you. Information following changes to your heating systems is important so we can evaluate the effectiveness of any upgrades and our the program. We ask for project-related information and at least a year of energy data following any installations you undertake. We also want to hear about your experiences with the upgrades.


If you are wanting to apply for the Sitka Clean Heat Incentive Program, you need to apply for that program first. Once you have been found to be income-qualified for an incentive, you will then need to apply for an AHS home heat pump assessment, on this page. If you are not applying for the CHIP program and you are only interested in an AHS assessment, do know that these assessments should be available at some point in June. We are still working out a few kinks and hope to have the program running before the start of summer. You can still apply now, gather your utility information for us, and get in the queue. We’ll keep you posted as the assessment program draws nearer actual launch time.