Accurate cost savings projections are based on accurate past fuel use data.

In addition to wood and/or pellet quantities and electrical data, we ask anyone who heats with oil or gas to obtain at least the last three years of their oil/gas use data prior to their Alaska Heat Smart advisor home visit.

For each of the last three years (at least, if possible) of deliveries, please ask for your gallons delivered, $/gal, and final invoice total per delivery. Invoices should note if the tank was filled or if a specific amount was asked for instead. You can collect your data by calling your provider and asking for your history. You can email copies of the data to us, or convey it in person during your visit.

Arrowhead LP

Call 586-3960. 100 Mount Roberts Street.

Delta Western

Call 586-2800. 120 Mt Roberts St, Juneau, 

Ike’s Fuels

Call 364-3420.  May want homeowner to come by office to obtain fuel records in person. 409 5th St, Douglas.

Petro Marine Services

Call 586-4400.  Can send records via email. 3560 N. Douglas Hwy. 

Reliable Oil Heat

Call 586-1490.  Can send records via email. 120 Mt. Roberts St.