How do I use Alaska heat Smart?

Alaska Heat Smart is here to provide free information and advice about heat pumps and your home’s heating needs. It is our hope that we can streamline the process of migrating your home heating system to the latest in home heating technology. Not only can our assistance speed up your process of heat pump shopping, but it will bring clean, efficient, heating-bill-slashing upgrades to your home with greater ease.

There are two options for getting started:

Option 1 – Join our “interested” email list

If you’re not ready to sign up for a visit but want to learn more about our programs, complete this form to join our email list. We’ll reach out to you with more information. Alternatively, you could write directly or just give us a call.

Option 2 – Sign up for an energy assessment

We can still give you great information over the phone, so if you know you want numbers, sign up for a free Alaska Heat Smart advisor assessment and report (recommended): click here. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can with details and scheduling options once we’ve received your past energy use data.

And then-

After we have talked, we will email you a report that outlines the various heating options we will have discussed in person. It will include rough cost estimates and payback projections. At your request, we can provide a standardized Request for Quotes packet for you to use in approaching installers. [List of known Juneau heat pump installers.] We would be happy to help analyze any quotes you get to refine our payback estimates, and want to hear about your experience and energy use post-installation.