For Home

With all of the different considerations, where should a homeowner start with installing a heat pump in a retrofit or during new construction? Find your answers here.


What are the benefits and considerations of retrofitting your home with a heat pump? How could different existing heating systems impact your retrofit experience? Retrofits are the most common heat pump installation, but many homeowners can unexpectedly run into unexpected issues. Learn about what to expect here.

New Construction

When building a house from the ground up, more options become available to you. How should heat pumps work well with other energy efficiency upgrades, such as insulation? What are your heating distribution system options in new construction? How to talk with your builder about heat pumps?

Electrical Service Considerations

Many older homes many have issues with their electrical service which could add considerable costs to a heat pump installation. Read about these potential panel and capacity issues here.

Financing and Incentives

Financing and incentives can make seemingly impossible projects possible. Incentives are available to bring down the upfront cost, or even reduce your home mortgage’s interest rate. Affordable financing options can make a heat pump installation fund itself. Learn more about these options here.

Getting Started

So you’re ready to retrofit your home with a heat pump or install one as part of new construction. What is your next step? Follow these guidelines and resources to get the best installation for your home.