New Donation Page

To help make our mission more sustainable, Alaska Heat Smart has now made a donation page available on our website. If you like our mission or appreciate the advice we provide, we would appreciate your support. Your donation helps us continue our Heat Pump Home Assessment services and provide the organizational support around this year’s Thermalize Juneau campaign.

You can donate through PayPal on our donations page.

Thermalize Juneau Kickoff Event

Thanks to everyone who attended our Thermalize Juneau kickoff event on Tuesday evening. We hope you are all excited to get involved in our bulk purchasing initiative! For those who missed it, you can watch through our recording of the event here, and you can read through the presentation below.

To learn more about the Thermalize Juneau program, you can visit our Thermalize Juneau page.

To get involved in the Thermalize Juneau program, you just need to sign up to our email list here. We will keep the community updated on the latest Thermalize news through this email list.

Thanks again to everyone who listened in and helped make the event happen!

Mark Your Calendars – Thermalize Juneau Launch

Alaska Heat Smart is partnering with Renewable Juneau, Alaska Electric Light & Power, Cold Climate Housing Research Center, and Information Insights to launch Thermalize Juneau – Alaska’s first bulk purchasing initiative for heat pumps and other efficiency measures.

We are hosting a launch event next Tuesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 PM AKST.

Listen in and learn about:
– What a Thermalize campaign is
– What a Thermalize campaign will look like in Juneau
– Why heat pumps and other energy efficiency measures are effective in Juneau
– What financing options are available
– What the next steps are in the Thermalize Juneau campaign

Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Electricity Alaska Presentation

Bob Deering, one of AHS’s energy advisors, recently gave a presentation during the Electrify Alaska event. Electrify Alaska focused on the many exciting opportunities for Beneficial Electrification efforts in Alaska, where electric sector actors work with community groups to achieve mutual goals, like addressing greenhouse gas emissions. Building electrification, through efficient devices like heat pumps, is a key aspect to a Beneficial Electrification strategy, and we are glad AHS was able to showcase Juneau’s efforts in this area.

New Website

Welcome to Alaska Heat Smart’s new website! We’re excited to update the information available to Juneau homeowners interested in Heat Pumps. We will be rolling out new, exciting programs soon to help promote beneficial electrification as a climate solution for Juneau. For now, please explore the different pages available on our website, and be sure to let us know if you notice any areas that could be clarified with additional information!