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If you would like an Alaska Heat Smart energy advisor provide an electronic home energy assessment and report, please complete our application form:

Click here to apply to have an Energy Advisor perform an assessment.

Please note that your past energy usage data is important to accurately analyze your home’s heating needs and its potential for cost savings. With your permission, Alaska Heat Smart can obtain your home’s past electricity use data from AEL&P (an Alaska Heat Smart partner). For all other forms of energy (oil, wood, pellets, propane, etc.), we will need you to collect the most recent three years (if possible) of your home’s fuel usage (how many units of fuel, fuel type, dates) before we can run any calculations. As soon as you complete the form, the next step is to collect and email us this data. Click here for information on contacting your heating oil supplier. Once that is on hand, we will set up your calculator and give you a call!

Additionally, we will want to know how our program performed for you. Information following changes to your heating systems is important so we can evaluate the effectiveness of any upgrades and our the program. We ask for project-related information and at least a year of energy data following any installations you undertake. We also want to hear about your experiences with the upgrades.